March 16, 2020 admin


In an on-going effort at VER to participate in and support the community we love, we are proud to share we participated in the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire’s UW Meets EC Event for our first year. This once per year event gives incoming freshman and new transfers to Eau Claire the opportunity to meet local businesses and connect with them on a unique level.

Jugglers, caricature artists, campus vocal groups, and much more participate to make this a fun and unique experience to introduce college students to Eau Claire. The event even usually includes live music near the end of the walking tour of Eau Claire.

Various businesses participate all over the city, handing out freebies to students and introducing them to their businesses and what makes them unique. This year, we set up our booth complete with a selection of our best-selling Davines products, our Hush + Dotti all natural, vegan makeup, and we gave out clementines, La Croix Water, recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable rice paper cups, and granola bars.

We know what college students want, a break from all that ramen! Check out our photos from the event and look for us in 2020, we are excited to participate again at the start of our second year in business.

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