The Milliner Conservatory

March 16, 2020 admin

The Milliner Conservatory

The Milliner Conservatory is coming soon to the Pioneer Block of Eau Claire, WI! We are so excited to introduce Eau Claire to our one-of-a-kind creative space starting July 1, 2020. Our goal with this space is to give creatives of all walks of life the opportunity to create in an environment without distractions and limits to what your mind can dream up.

As a once upon a time photographer herself, owner Bobbie Sue Baker and current photographer and co-founder, Travis Dewitz understand what it’s like to be limited in spaces to use to create amazing images.

However, this space won’t only be for photography. We envision artists and small businesses of all kinds using the space. Your imagination is the only limit. Need a space to do some creative writing? We got you. We’re excited to begin offering yoga, pop-up shops featuring our favorite local makers, education events for other stylists featuring hard to book educators from the East and West Coasts, to Chicago and all over. We are so excited to see how this space grows and how you show us the infinite number of ways The MC can positively impact our community as a whole!

If interested in booking, remember we won’t be available to rent the space until July 1st, but send us a message and we will be glad to work with you in figuring out how we can help you reach your goals.

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