Kacey Welch Silk Weft Extensions Now Available at VER Salon in Eau Claire

March 7, 2022 admin

Kacey Welch Silk Weft Extensions Now Available at VER Salon in Eau Claire

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Have you considered adding hair extensions to your life? If you’re here reading this blog post, the answer is: heck yeah, dude. We are excited to share that 2 of our stylists at VER have officially been certified in the Kacey Welch Silk Weft Extensions method. After researching many of the available options for hair extensions, comparing and contrasting the pros and cons, along with the potential damage done to hair as well as the overall cost and quality of the extensions themselves, we settled on Kacey Welch. Kacey’s method honors the health and integrity of your own hair,

Bobbie Sue and Ellie at Kacey Welch Extension Method training in LA

while giving you the length, thickness and color of your dreams. In addition to protecting your hair, this method lets you get back to living your life in a reasonable time, with just 2 hours planned for the extension installation. We are also able to color and cut your extensions for you as well, if desired. Cutting and coloring your
extensions will help to give you a custom look.

Along with your extensions installation, we will go over proper care and maintenance, product usage and do’s and don’ts, and everything you would need to know to keep your extensions looking amazing as long as possible. We guarantee with proper care and maintenance that your extensions will last at least a year.

At VER, we offer complimentary 15 minute consultations to get started on your journey. This consultation is required for us to determine the exact length necessary to achieve your goals, as well as the number of wefts needed to balance your hair with the wefts for a realistic and natural outcome. To schedule a consult, book HERE or call us at 715-318-9890. Our salon coordinator,
Hannah, can get you started today!

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