Eau Claire Eco-Salon Focused on Sustainability, Recycling, and Transparency

September 28, 2020 admin

Eau Claire Eco-Salon Focused on Sustainability, Recycling, and Transparency

Welcome to VER, an eco-salon focused on sustainability, recycling, and transparency in all we do. Not only do we care about the overall health of your hair, but also the health of our world and environment in which we live.

We are constantly searching for ways to lessen our environmental impact and leave a more beautiful world for future generations. This includes partnering with Green Circle Salons, EcoHeads, and Davines. Each of these partnerships offers a different level of awareness in how our business operates day to day and we are so proud of each of our decisions outside of partnering with these companies, including using eco-lighting, sustainable and long lasting materials in our space design, and participating in our Eau Claire community.

Green Circle Salons helps us in recycling 95% of our salon’s waste, and giving many items a new life. From hair clippings, to unused haircolor, we are constantly thinking of ways to lessen the waste that leaves our salon so we can all feel good about looking our best.

Ecoheads assist us in lessening our water waste by using 65% less water, and filtering the water to be sure we are washing your hair with clean, residue free water starting your haircolor off on the right foot.

Last, but not least, our partnership with Davines defines our interaction with the hair and beauty world. They enlighten everything we do, they hold the standard for our salon and the beauty world in general. As a BCorp organization, Davines is constantly raising the standard by which its salons operate. You can feel safe knowing that Davines is at the highest standard of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability, balancing profit and purpose. In addition, Davines supports small farms through Slow Food Presidia by utilizing at least one active ingredient which helps prevent the disappearance of threatened heritage of genetic varieties that are essential to life on our planet. Since 2014, all products in the Davines Essentials line of haircare feature ingredients at risk of extinction.This dedication also helps support small farms, promotes specific territories, rekindles historical professions and processing techniques.

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