Curly Hair at VER

July 18, 2019 admin

Curly Hair at VER

“I LOVE your curly hair!!” It’s a compliment many curly haired girls hear every day, but its uncommon to hear a curly haired girl respond back with an emphatic, “me too!” Curly hair can be difficult for even the most practiced individual and due to the unpredictable nature of curls, every day presents a different challenge.

At VER, we are well versed in what makes curly hair unique and we are comfortable and confident in helping every curly haired girl find what makes her curls shine in their best light. Many people in Eau Claire find themselves having to search outside of Wisconsin for their curls and head to Minneapolis. At VER, we partner with Davines hair products to give you a styling lesson that perfectly compliments your curl by curl haircut.

We start with an in depth consult, diving into your styling routine, including products you are currently using, then we work with you to tweak your routine to maximize the health and vitality of you natural curls. Your stylist will then complete a cut which will be designed to enhance your natural texture, features, and lifestyle. Following that, you receive a relaxing and stress relieving massage, shampoo, condition, and hot towel. As we walk you through your styling lesson, we will also have you participate in the journey so you can leave the salon feeling confident in recreating your custom look at home.

This hands on approach will introduce you to Davines Love Curl Shampoo and conditioner, along with a mask for extreme moisture, if needed. Our curl focused styling products will be chosen based off your styling goals and your texture. Each Love Curl product is formulated with proteins, B vitamins, vitamin E, Romana almonds, and elasticizing and volumizing ingredients. All of Davines’ products are cruelty free, have a net-zero impact on the environment and are hand grown on farms in Italy. Our packaging even states the farm on which the ingredients are grown, supporting a slow food approach which preserves biodiversity in our natural environment.

We are so excited to help you with your naturally curly hair, right here in Eau Claire, WI at our gorgeous and modern salon. Please contact us for a complimentary 15 minute consultation where we will further explain our approach and help you create the best curls of your life.

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