Best Hair Products for Frizz Free Naturally Curly Hair

May 3, 2020 admin

Best Hair Products for Frizz Free Naturally Curly Hair

Let’s talk CURLS, friends. If you got ’em, you should flaunt ’em. If you’re struggling with flaunting ’em then VER is your one-stop shop for all your curly hair needs. Here at VER, we carry Davines, an Italian based family owned haircare company. Davines spent years researching their curl-specific products utilizing their in-house scientists to ensure quality products.

At our beautiful salon in downtown Eau Claire, our well-trained staff will work with you to choose products which will enhance your natural curl to create the look you’ve been trying to achieve. We all know curls can be their less than ideal selves, giving their wearers a different version of reality from day to day. Got frizz? We’ve got a few products to combat dryness and defend against humidity. Bam! Bye, frizz. Having troubles with your curls breaking or feeling less than strong? Your stylist will direct you to elasticizing and strengthening products and masks, sure to make you feel like Wonder Person again in no time.

Finally, in our salon, we are always researching the very best in products and services meant to help your curly hair be its best. From education with top educators on how to execute the best curly haircut for the most discerning curly girl, boy, human, to Aquis towels used at our backbar to ensure a frizz-free, non-damaging towel dry, we are constantly seeking more knowledge to help you execute the best curl ‘do of your life. Call us today, 715-318-9890 or Book Online for your very own curly girl appointment. We can’t wait to meet you!

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